Our Process
All of our services are built upon the same foundation of a four step process. The process begins with a needs based analysis and definition of goals. A plan of action is then formally established. Implementation of the strategy and ongoing management are the final steps of the process.

All client engagements begin with an extensive fact finding process. In order to achieve the client's personal and financial goals, we must begin with a clear understanding of the current situation. Defining realistic, clear, obtainable, and measurable goals is critical to personal and financial success.

Solutions to meet the client's needs are determined in an objective and independent manner. Rarely is there a magic bullet that can solve each problem independently without ramifications to other areas of the personal and financial plan. Determining the best way to solve an issue or accomplish a goal is completed collectively with the client and the pros and cons of all potential solutions are evaluated.

Implementation of the formalized strategy is coordinated and monitored and may involve third party professionals from other areas. We provide assistance, motivation and accountability in implementing the plan.

Once the plan has been implemented, we continue to monitor progress to insure success. One thing is certain in life - change. Adapting a plan to meet unexpected issues, both good and bad, is vital to continued success.