Our Services
The Sherrington Group offers two primary services, comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory management.

Financial planning services follow a holistic approach. Each person's financial life is like a small pond with many lily pads, each lily pad representing a different aspect of their financial lives. Rarely can planning be completed in one area without creating a ripple effect across other areas. Our planning is detailed and overall impact is always considered.

Investment advisory services are built on the same foundation of financial planning, with specific goals set for each portfolio. Our investment philosophy strives to optimize portfolio return and reduce risk and volatility. The management of the portfolio will meet the financial goal whether for funding college tuition, growth of retirement funds, or generation of retirement income.

We believe that client education is an integral part of the planning process. All investment advisory clients are provided with the information needed to understand not only what their investments are, but why the investments were chosen. The result is a disciplined approach that prevents emotions from overriding proven long term investment strategies.

These services are adapted and applied to the following client groups: